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MAAP offers clients an unusual blend of multi-disciplinary expertise that enhances the value of the services we provide. We have specialised in servicing the built environment sector in matters as diverse as advising institutions, providing legal compliance consulting services to social housing landlords, and delivering accounting services to SME building firms.

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Making Tax Digital (MTD)

The two year postponement of the Income Tax MTD deadline to 6 April 2026 is probably more to do with the HMRC's lack of confidence in their own systems, rather than any concern over whether the relevant taxpayers would have been ready for the April 2024 start date originally planned for.

Self-employed individuals and landlords with incomes under £30,000 will still escape mandatory MTD reporting. The revised timetable will now mean relevant taxpayers with incomes between £30,000 and £50,000 will be mandated to comply with MTD from April 2027. Those individuals with incomes above £50,000 will need to be ready to meet their MTD reporting obligations from 6 April 2026.

The postponement has served to raise awareness the change is coming. It has also created an extended opportunity for people to take their time over making the decision which MTD-compliant software is right for them. We can all expect aggressive marketing campaigns from mainstream accounting software houses to win your business in the coming years. The choice of solutions will be better in 2025 than now, suggesting delaying the decision until then if MTD-compliance is your main reason for a change. On the other hand, modern accounting software offers organisation of any size considerable benefits provided it is understood it takes more people, hard work, and higher costs to run such systems successfully. Nothing worth having comes for free.

MAAP have been designing and implementing management and accounting software solutions for over 30 years. In recent years we have focused on delivering solutions to SME accounting firms and construction companies. We exist to share our experience with our clients, and help them take the correct decisions as they strive for operational excellence.

We guided our VAT-registered clients smoothly through the first MTD implementation stage without any issues. The next phase of the HMRC's plans to digitalise the UK's Income Tax system will prove to be no more difficult. It just requires a more structured way of processing and consolidating the reporting information streams you already have in place.


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